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About Upleta

Upleta is a very important city that is located in the district of Rajkot, which is situated in Gujarat. There are two towns within this city and also around forty-nine villages.

Geography of Upleta

Upleta is situated at 21.73 degrees North and 70.28 degrees East. It is located around 19 kilometers or twelve miles away from the city of Dhoraji, which is located in the district of Rajkot. The city of Upleta is located on the Moj Riverbank. It is also known to have an elevation of 39 meters or 128 feet.

Demographics of Upleta

According to the Indian census of the year 2001, Upleta is known to have a population of around 56,354. Males constitute around 51 percent of the population, and the females are known to constitute around 49 percent of the entire population. The rate of literacy of the city of Upleta is 71 percent. It is a lot high in comparison to the national rate of literacy which is around 59.5 percent. The literacy rate of the males is 76 percent and that of the females are 65 percent. The population that is below the age of six years is around 11 percent.

Transport in Upleta

Upleta is connected to different parts of Gujarat and Rajkot with the help of the transportation facilities that are available. People can even move to different parts of the country.

Air Transport

The airports that are located close to the city of Upleta are Porbandar and Rajkot.

Road Transport

The people who reside in Upleta can easily access the nearby highway, which is the 8B National Highway. It helps in connecting all the cities that include Rajkot, Jamnagar, Porbandar, Jetpur, Gondal, etc. Bus services are provided by the State Transport Corporation which provides services in between the different cities.

Rail Transport

The nearest railway station to Upleta is the Upleta Railway Station. It is known to lie on the line that connects Rajkot, which is the Wansjaliya-Jetalsar Line. This line connects with important cities like Jamnagar, Porbandar, Dwarka, and Okha. The Jetalsar Railway Station and the Dhoraji Railway Station are located to Upleta’s East and is known to connect to Rajkot. This railway line earlier used to be a meter gauge line like many other tracks which are located in Saurashtra.

Tourism in Upleta

There are various places located in and around Upleta which are a must visit for the tourists. The places are mesmerizing and very beautiful, and should not be missed by any of the tourists. Nature lovers and people interested in photography should definitely come to Upleta. Upleta is also famous for all the temples that it has.

Swaminarayan Temple

The Swaminarayan Temple is one of the most religious temples in Upleta. Devotees come to this temple to give offerings to the God. This place is perfect for the nature lovers and the photographers. Tourists can visit this place with their families and seek the blessings of the Lord.

The Uperkot Fort

The Uperkot Fort is famous among the tourists mostly because of all the myths that the fort is surrounded it. This fort is dated back to Chandragupta Maurya’s reign. The fort is known to have a beautiful architecture and all the carvings which are of the Greco-Scythian style. This place is very rich in history and culture, and it is a must visit for the Historians and the photographers.

The Darbar Hall Museum

The Darbar Hall Museum is known to be an important reservoir of the Nawabi relics of the 19th century. The museum consists of exquisite chandeliers, amazing carpets, the mesmerizing silver thrones, and artifacts which are very unusual. The Darbar Hall Museum is very famous, and tourists love visiting this place.

Upleta has many other attractions which are loved by the tourists. It is an amazing city and should be visited by people from all over the world.

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